U.S. History: Slavery: The Great National Debate (19th c. US)
    Dred Scott; Kansas-Nebraska; Missouri Compromise


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Haviland, Laura Smith A Woman's Life-Work: Labors & Experiences of Laura S. Haviland [underground RR; Quaker] 1882 Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Hawes, Joel, 1789-1867 North & South: Four questions considered...Sermon, 1st Ch., Hartford, Sep 1861 1861 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Haygood, Atticus Greene, 1839-1896 Our Brother in Black: His freedom and his future 1881 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Hicks, Elias Letters of Elias Hicks: including also Observations on the slavery of the Africans & their descendants, & on t 1861 Phila. Html Graphic Free EarlhamSchoolR
Hildreth, Richard, 1807-65 Despotism in America: Inquiry into...the legal basis of the slave-holding system Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hoit, True Worthy, b. 1815 The right of American slavery. By TW Hoit, of the St Louis Literary & Philos.Assn 1860 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Holcombe, William Henry (MD) 1825-93 The Alternative: A Separate Nationality, or The Africanization of the South ["relies on Protestant, Enlightenm 1850 Html Free UWashington
Hopkins, John Henry, 1792-1868 A scriptural, ecclesiastical, & historical view of slavery, from the...patriarch Abraham, to the 19thc Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hosmer, William The higher law, in its relations to civil gvnmt: with reference to slavery, & the fugitive slave law Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
How, Samuel Blanchard, 1790-1868 Slaveholding Not Sinful. Slavery, the Punishment of Man's Sin, its Remedy, the Gospel of Christ. ["before the 1856NBrunsw Graphic Free DickinsonCol
Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910 Reminiscences: 1819-1899 c1899 Bost. Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Humphrey, Heman, 1779-1861 The Missouri Compromise: Address before the citizens of Pittsfield...Feb 1854 1854 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hutchins, John, 1812-91 Freedom v. Slavery. Speech, John Hutchins, of Ohio. House of representatives, May 1860. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Ingersoll, Charles] 1805-82 A letter to a friend in a slave state. By a citizen of Pennsylvania 1862 Phila. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
James, Henry Field Abolitionism unveiled, or, Its origin, progress & pernicious tendency fully developed 1856 Cinc. Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
James, Henry Field Abolitionism unveiled; or, Its origin, progress, & pernicious tendency fully developed Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Jay, John, 1817-1894 1856R] American free, or America slave. An address on the state of the country, v 2 [slavery- U.S.] 1856] NY PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Jay, William, 1789-1858 (Rev) An examination of the Mosaic laws of servitude Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Johnson, John 1860R] A defence of Republicanism [slavery -- U.S.] 1860]Kansas PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Keefer, Justus Slavery: its sin, moral effects, & certain death; [w/] The language of nature, compared with divine revelation Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Kemble, Frances Ann Records of Later Life [Stage actress (Britain & NYC) - married a Georgia slaveholder & became an influential a 1882 NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Kirkland, Charles Pinckney, 1830-1904 A letter to Benjamin R. Curtis, Supreme court, review of his pamphlet, "Emancipation proclamation" 1862 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Krebs, John Michael, 1804-1867 The American citizen...On...subjection to the government [&] the surrender of fugitive slaves NY 1850 Graphic Free CornellU
Krebs, John Michael, 1804-67 The American citizen...Our religious subjection to the gvrnmt;...surrender of fugitive slaves, 1850 Presbyteri Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Lame, J. S Maryland slavery & chivalry. Letters of "Junius,"...& persecution suffered by the author [by] Southern slaveho 1858 Phila. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Leiter, Benjamin Franklin, 1813-1866 1856R] National politics. Speech of Hon. Benjamin F. Leiter, of Ohio [slavery -- US Speeches in Congress] 1856] Wash. PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Address in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept 17, 1859 1910 Cinc. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Longstreet, Augustus Baldwin, 1790-1870 A Voice from the South: Letters from Georgia to Massachusetts, & to the Southern States. w/appendix ... on the 1847 Baltm. Html Free GeorgiaDLibr
Lord, John Chase, 1805-77 "The higher law", application to the Fugitive slave bill. Sermon, Cent. Presbyterian Ch. Thanksgiving day [Un 1851 NY Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Lord, Nathan, 1793-1870 A northern presbyter's 2nd letter to ministers...of all denominations on slavery 1855 Bost Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Lyman, Darius] 1821?-1892 Leaven for doughfaces; Threescore & 10 parables touching slavery. A former resident of the South Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
M'Keehan, Hattia Liberty or Death, or, Heaven's Infraction of the Fugitive Slave Law [fiction] 1858 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Macy, Jesse The Anti-slavery Crusade: A chronicle of the gathering storm [Chronicles of Amer. Ser. #28] 1920NHavn Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Mann, Horace New dangers to freedom, & new duties for its defenders: Letter, Horace Mann, to constituents 1850 1850 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Mann, Horace Slavery: letters & speeches 1853 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Mann, Horace Speech, slavery in the territories; Consequences of dissolution of the Union. House 1850 1850 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Marshall, Samuel Scott, 1824-1890 1856D] The real issue--union or disunion [slavery -- U.S.] 1856 Wash. PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Mattison, Hiram, 1811-68 The impending crisis of 1860; The connection of the Methodist Episcopal Ch with slavery: our duty Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
May, Samuel Joseph, 1797-1871 Some recollections of our antislavery conflict Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
McDowell, James, 1795-1851 Speech, J M'Dowell, Jr. (of Rockbridge,) VA House, on the slave question 1832 Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
McLeod, Alexander (Rev.) Negro slavery unjustifiable. Discourse by the late Rev. Alexander McLeod 1802 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Miner, Charles, 1780-1865 The olive branch; or, The evil & the remedy [re Missouri Compromise] 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Moody, Loring A history of the Mexican war, or, ... relation of the US government to slavery. Comp. from official & authenti 1848 Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Moore, Ely, 1798-1861 Remarks, Ely Moore, NY, US House, 1839, remonstrance from citizens of the D.C. against the reception of abolit 1839 Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
Nott, Samuel, 1788-1869 Slavery & the remedy; or, Principles & suggestions for a remedial code Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
NY (City) Anti-Slavery Soc. Address of the New York City Anti-Slavery Society to the People of the City of New York 1833 NY PDF.Txt Free UCalifornia
O'Reilly, Henry Origin & objects of the slaveholders' conspiracy agst Democratic principles...& the national union Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Olmsted, Frederick Law A journey in the back country 1860 Lond Graphic Html Free UGroningen
Optic, Oliver, 1822-97 [pseud.] (Wm Adam Watch & wait; or, The young fugitives. A story for young people 1867 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Palfrey, John Gorham, 1796-1881 Papers on the slave power, first published in the Boston Whig 1846] Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Pamphlets] Political speeches,...House & Senate, dealing mainly with Kansas & slavery. 26 pamphlets] 1855-57 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Parker, Joel, 1795-1875 The true issue & the duty of the Whigs. Address, citizens of Cambridge, Oct 1856 1856 Cambg. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Parker, Joel, 1799-1873 The discussion; "What are the evils inseparable from slavery," ref. to by Mrs. Stowe, in "Uncle Tom's cabin." Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860 The rights of man in America c1911 Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Parker, Theodore, 1810-60 The Nebraska question. Thoughts on the assault upon freedom in America, Boston 1854 1854 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Parker, Theodore, 1810-60 The new crime against humanity. A sermon, Music hall, Boston, Jun 1854 [slavery?] 1854 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Parson, Charles Grandison, 1807-1864 Inside View of Slavery, or, A tour among the Planters [intro.: Harriet Beecher Stowe] 1855 Bost. Html Free GeorgiaDLibr
Peabody, Ephraim] 1807-56 Slavery in the US: its evils, alleviations, & remedies. (frm N American review, 1851) 1851 Bost Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Perkins, George William, 1804-56 Remarks: Stuart's book "Conscience & the Constitution," Guilford, 1850, emancipation in the W.I. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Perry, John Jasiel, 1811-1897 1860R] The filibustering policy of the sham Democracy (copy 1) 1860] Wash. PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Perry, John Jasiel, 1811-1897 1860R] The filibustering policy of the sham Democracy (copy 2) 1860] Wash. PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Perry, John Jasiel, 1811-1897 1860R] The filibustering policy of the sham Democracy. Speech, John J. Perry, Maine. US House, May 29, 1860 [C 1860] Wash. PDF Kindle EPub Free JohnsHopkins
Perry, John Jasiel, 1811-97 (of Maine) Freedom/slavery. Speech, nationality & sectionalism of the Rep & Dem parties, House,1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Peterson, Charles J. 1819-87 The Cabin & Parlor, or, Slaves & Masters [fiction] 1852] Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Phillips, Wendell, 1811-84 Oration, Old South church by Wendell Phillips, June 14, 1876 1876] Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Phillips, Wendell, 1811-84 Review of Webster's speech on slavery Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866 Anti-slavery poems 1843 Html Free HTI-UMich
Poole, William Frederick, 1821-94 Anti-slavery opinions before 1800; Cincinnati Lit. Club, Nov 1872.... Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Poole, William Frederick, 1821-94 Reprint of G. Buchanan's "Oration on the moral & political evil of slavery" Baltimore 1791 [Md. Soc Abolition 1873 Cinc Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Priest, Josiah, 1788-1851 Bible defence of slavery... Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Pringle, Edward J.] Slavery in the southern states. By a Carolinian Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864 Address illustrative of the nature & power of the slave states, & the duties of the free states; town of Quinc 1856 Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864 Address, nature & power of slave states; duties of free states; Quincy, Mass. 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Raymond, Henry Jarvis, 1820-69 Disunion & slavery. Letters to W. L. Yancey, of Alabama, by HJ Raymond, of NY Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Republican Cong. Comm. (1859-1861) 1860R] Homesteads: the Republicans & settlers against Democracy & monopoly: the record [Homestead law; Birney 1860?] Wash PDF Kindle EPub Free JohnsHopkins

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