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Eames, Arthur J & K M Wiegand The Flora of the Cayuga Lake Basin, NY: Vascular Plants 1926 Questia subs CornellUPr
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Geological Survey of Canada List of plants of the Manitoulin Islands, Lake Huron 1870 Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
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Knowlton, Frank Hall, 1860-1926 Fossil flora of the Yellowstone National Park 1921 GPO HTML Free NatPkServ
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Magley, Beverly Texas Wildflowers 1993 NetLibr (Ebsco) 6.95 FalconPrPub
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Millspaugh, Charles Frederick, 1854-1923 The living flora of West Virginia Part I. [Paleobotany] 1913]Wheelg PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Mohlenbrock, Robert H Distribution Of Illinois Vascular Plants 1978 NetLibr (Ebsco) 14.95 SIllinoisUPr
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Montana Environmental Quality Council Microflora of the Yellowstone River, v 1 (Loren L. Bahls) 1974 Helena PDF Kindle EPub Free MontanaStLib
Montana Environmental Quality Council Microflora of the Yellowstone River, v 2 (Loren L. Bahls) 1974 Helena PDF Kindle EPub Free MontanaStLib
Montana Environmental Quality Council Microflora of the Yellowstone River, v 3 (Loren L. Bahls) 1974 Helena PDF Kindle EPub Free MontanaStLib
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Newhall, Charles Stedman The trees of northeastern America [illus.] 1890 NY Graphic Free CornellU
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Parkhurst, Howard Elmore, 1848-1916 Trees, shrubs & vines of the northeastern US ... w/the principal foreign hardy trees, shrubs & vines ... in Ce 1903 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto

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